All of the items listed below are required and It is extremely important to the success and safety of your course that you bring them all. Weather conditions can vary dramatically and you must be prepared!

It is very important that you have everything on the gear list. Please do not try to second guess or think you can get away without something because you “didn’t use it last time”. We will ask you to purchase any items you don’t have or if you have any inappropriate items that need to be replaced. However, you may not find your missing gear at the last minute. We do reserve the right to not allow you on the tour without the proper gear.

Any questions please drop us an email or give us a call at: 877-686-2546 well prior to your trip.

Ski Gear


Alpine touring or Telemark skis no wider than 98mm wide underfoot without a lot of tip and tail rocker. Ideally you want a relatively shorter ski that is around 88-92 wide underfoot. The Haute Route is a long distance ski tour and no place for super fat skis.


Some ski manufacturers make skins pre cut for your skis. Otherwise they need to have coverage over most of the ski. The edge needs to showing and no base showing between the edge of the ski and the skin for about 80% of the skis length.


Lightweight alpine touring or telemark bindings. The pin style toes are the lightest and tour the best.

Ski Boots

Lightweight 2-3 buckle touring boots are the best, but any alpine touring or telemark boot will do.

Ski Crampons

Essential gear in the Alps. Alpine Touring binding companies all make a ski crampon to fit their bindings. For Tele bindings, there are some adapters that mount to your ski to slide a ski crampon on.

Ski Poles

Technical & Avalanche Safety Gear


Lightweight aluminum 10-point boot crampons are preferred. Some of the best ski boot crampons are aluminum with steel front points.

Ice Axe

You must have a short ice axe regardless of your height. No longer than 60cm, 50-55cm is preferred. Skiing with a long axe on your pack is not a good idea.


Look for a lightweight alpine style harness.

Avalanche Probe

A short probe of 2 meters in length is fine

Avalanche Transceiver

A simple digital transceiver

Backcountry Shovel

Lightweight and designed for avalanche rescue

2 Locking Carabiners

Pear shaped

Other Gear


An internal frame ski specific backpack 30-40 liters in size (no bigger!). Ice axe loops on the outside are a good feature.

Sleeping Bag Liner

The huts provide blankets but they require a liner to be used. Look for a lightweight one. Silk is best.


Ski strap to connect your skis together

The rubber kind are what you want

2 One Liter Wide Mouth Water Bottles

No hydration bags! They are not allowed on our winter and spring tours.

Full Wrap Sunglasses or Glacier Glasses

They must be dark lens full wrap or glacier glasses with side shields. Visible light transmission should be around 6%. By comparison, driving sunglasses have around 20% visible light transmission which is not appropriate.

Ski Goggles

Low light lenses



For clothing, we emphasize a layering system in which we put on and take off layers of clothing depending on the outside temperature and the level of activity.

Outer Waterproof Shell Jacket (hard shell) with Hood

A waterproof & breathable shell jacket with no additional insulation sewn in. Lightweight is better.

Ski Pant (soft shell)

A lighter weight non-waterproof pant that breathes much better than waterproof pants. This is what you will be wearing most of the time.

Lightweight Long Underwear Baselayer bottom

Synthetic or Wool.

Lightweight or mid weight Long Underwear Baselayer Top

Synthetic or wool

Insulating Layer - Lightweight Fleece

This is not just another baselayer such as a mid weight long underwear. You need a fleece layer such as a Patagonia R1.

Insulated Parka

Lightweight down or synthetic fill puffy parka. A hood is an good feature.

Warm Hat

Wool or synthetic

Sun Hat or Ball Cap

2 Pairs Ski Socks

Very thin ski socks

Insulated Glove - Mid Weight

Water resistant & wind proof and highly insulated. No mittens!

Lightweight Glove

These do not have to be water resistant. Fleece or soft shell is fine


Can be used for many things including a neck warmer & face mask

Soft shell or wind jacket

Not 100% mandatory but a good piece to have. This is a non-waterproof lightweight shell jacket that is highly breathable and cuts the wind.

Travel Clothing

This list just includes gear and clothing for the actual ski tour and does not include travel and extra town clothing. It is nice to have a selection of cotton clothing for when we are in-town.

Other Important Items


30 SPF or higher

Lip Balm

15 SPF or higher

Baby Wipes

A Couple Small Ziploc bags

Good for a lot of things from carrying sandwiches to acting as a wallet on the tour.

Small Personal Kit

Personal medications, Toothbrush, Small amount of toothpaste, blister kit, etc. (the guide will have a full first aid kit)

Foam Ear Plugs

For hut noise…trust me, you’ll want these.

Stuff Sacks

For organization

For all your gear needs we recommend Moosejaw. They have a huge selection of all the gear you'll need and offer fast free shipping.


We reserve the right to refuse services to any client deemed inadequately prepared at the meeting point.